If you find like me fascinating these living stones, you will surely be tempted to buy some plants or sow some rare species. But where is the best place to get plants or seeds?

For plants, two primordial issues or even unavoidable rules:

1) never buy Lithops in Garden Centers, they come from a forced culture, doped with nitrogen fertilizers and proposed in a totally unsuitable substrate. Their chance of survival is low and their life span is limited.

2) More and more producers are offering low prices for only two-year old seedlings. You should avoid buying these plants that are too young and too small because their recovery will be difficult when you will try to transplant them.

It is therefore better to buy from a producer specialized in “cacti and other succulents” either by visiting him directly or by using his online website.

To help you, if you choose the online sale option, I have compiled the main European websites and made a comparative analysis of the diversity of their offer (number of species, subspecies and varieties proposed) and of their price level for a plant of about 3 years (it can range from 3 to 7 €!). Attention some producers have diversified lists but the rarest varieties are often out of stock.

The document is in the form of two image files or an exchangeable Excel sheet (offrePlantesLithops2019.xls)


If you find that an important online website is missing, do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form on the “Contact” tab.