Within the same species, selection work carried out in the nursery has made it possible to stabilize mutations originating either from depigmentation of the epidermis or the flower, or from a change of shape of the apex drawings. The following diagrams help to identify all the cultivars of the following major species: Lithops aucampiae, bromfieldii, gracilidelineata, hookerijulii, karasmontana, lesliei, pseudotruncatella, schwantesii, terricolor, recognized by the International Cultivar Registration Authority and registered on Keith Green’s website : Lithops Scrapbooks.

Lithops aucampiae.

Lithops bromfieldii.

Lithops gracilidelineata.

Lithops hookeri

Lithops julii

Lithops karasmontana

Lithops lesliei

Lithops pseudotruncatella

Lithops schwantesii

Lithops terricolor