For watering a basic rule: it is very difficult to kill a Lithops thirsty but very easy to kill him with excess water. However, contrary to what is often read, the water requirements of Lithops are very variable depending on the species, both in terms of quantity and season or watering mode.

Although accurate weather data is provided on the “locate” tab, a golden rule is regular plant observation. From April to October, as soon as the plant begins to wrinkle you can water and wait until it is wrinkled again to water newly. In winter no real watering but spraying is recommended on the species of southwestern South Africa (comptonii, divergens, marmorata, naureeniae, otzeniana, terricolor, villetii, viridis) and the west coast of Namibia ( ruschiorum, optica, francisci, helmutii, hermetica, herrei, geyeri, meyeri) to simulate winter rains or coastal mists.

For those wishing to refine their watering, the following images illustrate the thermal conditions (winter minimum and summer maximum) [in red figures] and rainfall (monthly distribution of rain and mists) [water drops or spraying] for the 37 species of Lithops. When significant differences exist within the same species or between a species and one of its varieties, the most representative conditions are illustrated.

Pay attention that the months indicated correspond to the northern hemisphere to allow the transposition of these data in a watering calendar.

Lithops amicorum : 

Lithops aucampiae : 

Lithops aucampiae : 

Lithops coleorum : 

Lithops comptonii : 

Lithops dinteri : 

Lithops divergens :

Lithops dorotheae :

Lithops francisci :

Lithops fulviceps : 

Lithops gesinae : 

Lithops geyeri :

Lithops gracilidelineata : 

Lithops hallii : 

Lithops helmutii : 

Lithops hermetica : 

Lithops herrei : 

Lithops hookeri :

Lithops julii : 

Lithops karasmontana : 

Lithops lesliei : 

Lithops marmorata : 

Lithops meyeri :

Lithops naureeniae : 

Lithops olivacea :

Lithops optica : 

Lithops otzeniana : 

Lithops peusotruncatella : 

Lithops ruschiorum : 

Lithops salicola : 

Lithops schwantesii : 

Lithops terricolor :

Lithops vallis-mariae :

Lithops verruculosa : 

Lithops villetii : 

Lithops viridis : 

Lithops werneri :