Two unavoidable websites in English for the first, in English and German for the second :

1 – that of Andrew Van Ginkel in South Africa = flowering stones

Six parts dealing with morphology, history of discovery, geographical distribution, culture, description of the species (linked to a photo gallery borrowed essentially from Rafael Matysiuk who borrowed them from Uwe Beyer !) and links and related works.

Andrew animated a Lithops forum for a long time but is no longer running.

★★★ because very complete and very well illustrated

2 – that of Rafael Matysiuk in Germany = lithops info

Five parts offering cultural tips (Nick Rowlette), photo galleries (mainly borrowed from Uwe Beyer), interesting books and related links.

Some websites in French :

Belgian website :

Description of a hundred species + copy of the text of Henri Kuentz on the Lithops


Marc Flandre’s blog : jewels pebbles

History of his collection + magnificent photo gallery


Site associated with the Cactus Francophone : conos, lithops & Co

Photo gallery in situ and in cultur


A selection of my favorite foreign websites and, preceded by 1 to 3, a short comment on the most interesting part.

SA – South African site : lithops foundation

Projects of the foundation for research and conservation of Lithops

★ information on the reintroduction of Lithops in their habitat in Namibia


ES – Manuel Muñoz García’s Spanish site : manolithops

Eight parts showing the culture, the species of the collection, the sowing, the bibliography, the unusual questions, the associated links, a list of producers, and some reports of visits.

★★ answers to unusual questions and anecdotes


CA – Catalan website of  ? = plantes de pedra

Six parts giving notions of botany, culture, description of Lithops species and other living stones + the collection (lithoparium) and associated links.

★ illustrations on the vegetative cycle and diseases


IN – Indian Institute of Krishna Kumar Agrawal = kkagrawal

The collection and floral arrangements of the largest Lithops collector from India.

★★ large flowerpots and for ladies, lithops jewelry


IT – Italian site of Gionata Stancher = pietre vive

Six parts covering biology, culture, seasonal cycle, reproduction, collection and list of Cole numbers.

★★ Description of species, identification of possible confusion with other species.


JP – Japanese site of Shiratorishiratori

The phenomenal collection of Shiratori and his Japanese compositions.

★ Flowerpots with 4 to 8 plants of the same species showing Lithops polymorphism.


CH – Chilean website of ?conolithops

★★ Videos explaining substrate preparation, sowing, transplanting and floral arrangements.